About Us

Haul: finding free stuff should be easy, no?

Saving money on things you love can be a bit of a mission – if only they were free...

You could take part in giveaways, enter sweepstakes, or just go coupon-crazy; but searching for these offers means filling in forms, and it just takes up too much time. All anybody wants is to quickly and easily access awesome offers. Let’s face it we all want a bit more cash in our pocket and the time and the freedom to do what we want with it.

So, we came up with Haul, the app built to get you free stuff; finding you all the freebies you can find, and saving you time by only ever filling in your profile once, for thousands of different savings with hundreds of different brands and retailers, at just the click of a button.

Nothing sneaky, nothing complicated – just a way for us to save.

Sound good?

Download the app and start your haul.

At Haul, our mission is to uncover hidden-savings. We do this by finding you free stuff in a simple and easy to use app. We provide our users the opportunity to control their spending without costing them their time.

This is how the future stays money-savvy, and we want to share this with as many of you as we can.