Welcome - an intro to Haul!

Okay, so what even is Haul?

Let’s break it down – if there’s a perk to be had, it’s going to be with Haul.

Competitions, Freebies, Coupons; anything where you can get something for nothing – or less than it should have cost, we’ve got you covered. It’s basically O2 Priorities without the need to be on O2.

Haul updates every day – finding all the perks that are out there, and sends them right to your device for you to take advantage of. Imagine how easy it’ll be to get your hands on free-stuff without having to put in much effort or time.

So how does Haul work?

Good question – Haul is an iOS and Android app, that finds the latest stuff for you all to claim – but often it’s first-come-first-serve, so you have to be quick. The idea really is, your favourite brands love it when people try out their stuff – it helps them understand what’s hot and what isn’t – and that’s all we’re giving you access to – the free-stuff that brands want to give, to those of us who want to try them.

It’s as easy as that!

Why should I use Haul?

Haul is a great way to keep up to date with the latest free stuff that’s out there – rather than having to trawl the internet to get a free sample of something, just open the app and it’ll tell you what’s out there. Best of all, once you set up your profile our intelligent app will fill the entry forms for you – right on your smartphone.

Saving your precious time, whilst getting free stuff sent right to your door? Now that’s the real win!

How can Haul save me money?

Using our app saves you money you would’ve otherwise spent. A free sample of toothpaste, for example, you would have to buy it, to try it – and if you love it, you know you’ll love it when you buy it. But if you don’t love it, you know you won’t buy it in future.

The same goes for coupons – claim a coupon and save money with little effort that you would have spent without it.

Competitions are where it changes – because they exist but people don’t know about them – and then once we know about them, we have to keep entering long forms – Haul takes the strain out of it, and makes it easier to potentially win great prizes that our partners pay for!

Let’s recap…


  • we show you the latest perks that can get you saving money,
  • do all the hard work filling in the entry forms,
  • sort out the one’s you’ve claimed so you don’t accidentally claim twice (sometime cancelling your entry because of individual terms and conditions!),
  • let you know when new free stuff is available, using notifications and our socials,
  • and most importantly, get you access to free-stuff!

We’d really love it if you would use our app

We really think you’ll have fun using our app and gaining access to all the perks out there. Think about it, sitting on a bus, waiting on the platform, in a queue at the bank; you can use our app anywhere – saving money has never been easier.