Does Making Your Own Lunch Help You Save Money?

People who work and juggle family and social life at the same time often find themselves not having enough time to prepare their own meals so they end up ordering takeaways to satisfy their hunger while on their lunch breaks. We understand the demands of life but if you would like to save money, you might want to make time to prep your own lunches so you can set aside a few pounds.

According to The Sun, Brits spend over £1,580 per year on average just on their lunches. The average spends about £6.08 on average on lunch alone with those in the capital spending a bit more for an average of £15.51. Do we have your attention now? Ordering online or getting takeaways for lunch can cause a big dent on your wallet. £1,580 annually is a big amount of money. What does that say about Brits in general?

What has led to so much spending? And are Brits satisfied with their ordered lunches knowing that they spend so much money? Well, nearly eight out of ten say they are bored with their lunch choices and more than 70% eat their lunches only to keep their energy levels up. Not only do Brits spend so much on lunch, but they are not even pleased or satisfied with what they are putting in their mouths. The New York Bakery Co. commissioned the research and they also discovered that nearly half of the people they asked said that they often end up craving their colleague’s midday meal.

This research emphasises the fact that the British workforce is in desperate need of a revamp of their lunches and they are in dire need of some excitement for their midday meal. How can this be done? How can an entire nation be inspired to dodge their soggy sandwiches and have them looking forward to their lunches once again?

How do you do this? By making a few changes to and trying something new for lunchtime. You can also add some variety and flavor to the workweek and have something that you will certainly look forward to by preparing your lunch. Not only do you know what you want exactly, but you also know what flavors you will like and what you will run away from. So, why not set aside some time on the weekend to prep your lunchtime meals? No, we are not only talking about the usual sandwiches which can get a little boring after some time. There are plenty of other meals which you can easily make at home which are not only nutritious but tasty too.

Can you really save money if you make and bring your packed lunch to the office? The answer is a resounding yes! According to Management Today, you could end up spending £1,288 annually. You can certainly set aside that amount and put it to good use, such as your retirement fund or that dream holiday you have been saving up for. Make your own lunch and put your money where your mouth is.